As we serve divorced couples in of Santa Maria, California, we have always understood that sharing holidays after a divorce (or after two parents split up) is a highly sensitive issue. California Family lawyers and judges deal with this emotionally charged problem for countless parents on a daily basis, especially around the holidays. We understand that both parents want to be with their children on holidays one hundred percent of the time. However, the reality is that both parents must face sharing and co-parenting around the holidays in a way that serves the best interest of their children.

 The fastest and least contentious way for parents to hammer out a parenting/visitation/custody agreement for the holidays is through mediation, where an unbiased mediator helps each side come to an agreement,. However, if parents cannot agree, a judge will execute either a consent order (following court mandated mediation) or enact their own court order if the parents are unable to agree. You don’t want the court deciding if and when you get to see your children over the holidays.

For your visitation and custody questions, please schedule your free consultation with us. We have the best interest of all parties at heart and will do our best to craft a fair agreement that meets the needs of both parents and the children.

 Make this holiday a fun and peaceful time. Let us help you design a holiday schedule that will give both parents equitable time with the kids so they can enjoy the holidays with both of you, grandparents, cousins and other family and friends. Call for your free consultation today.