Tammi L. Faulks can help with your business legal issues, but C4 is more affordable, quicker and very professional. Business Formation and Legal Paperwork Filing, Notary Public

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Not only will we help form your business correctly, by creating and filing all the required legal documents. Our team has over 50 years experience, running and consulting with start-ups to 100 million dollar organizations, ready to answer and assist you in your business.

Our Business Professional Services are designed to help you decide how to form your company, whether it’s a sole proprietership or a full corportation. Our goal is to help you create a healthy thriving organization that will be able to handle the changes businesses can experience. By providing analysis, feedback and recommendations for the creating processes to help achieve their vision, goals and objectives, while maintaining their values. Then we help with the implementation of those recommendations, including Legal Paperwork Filing, Notary Public, and more.