Starting the new year off with all of your legal paperwork in order is a gift to yourself. Why not take some time now to make sure you have all of these documents and know where they are. You can create a list of your important papers and make sure your spouse, partner or other trusted individual knows where it is, along with the location of the documents themselves.

Important Papers: Personal Records

    • Full legal name

    • Social Security number

    • Legal residence

    • Date and place of birth

    • Names and addresses of spouse and children

    • Location of birth and death certificates and certificates of marriage, divorce, citizenship, and adoption

    • Employers and dates of employment

    • Education and military records

    • Names and phone numbers of religious contacts

    • Memberships in groups and awards received

    • Names and phone numbers of close friends, relatives, doctors, lawyers, and financial advisors

    • Medications taken regularly (be sure to update this regularly)

Important Papers: Financial Records

    • Sources of income and assets (pension from your employer, IRAs, 401(k)s, interest, etc.)

    • Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid information

    • Insurance information (life, health, long-term care, home, car) with policy numbers and agents’ names and phone numbers

    • Names of your banks and account numbers (checking, savings, credit union)

    • Investment income (stocks, bonds, property) and stockbrokers’ names and phone numbers

    • Copy of most recent income tax return

    • Location of most up-to-date will with an original signature

    • Liabilities, including property tax— what is owed, to whom, and when payments are due

    • Mortgages and debts—how and when they are paid

    • Location of original deed of trust for home

    • Car title and registration

    • Credit and debit card names and numbers

    • Location of safe deposit box and key

C4 Legal Assistance can help you with all your legal paperwork needs.