Getting divorced stinks. Even if it’s amicable, there is still a lot of emotion that can make decision making hard and cloud your best judgement. If your divorce is divisive and contested it can take an even greater toll on your ability to think clearly. And if children and assets are involved, it becomes harder yet. And that’s just the emotional pain – there is also the cost and time involved in separating your life from that of your spouse.

Mediation can take some of the pain out of the process. Divorce mediation is less expensive, less time consuming and can allow couples to come to better decisions regarding their kids, their home, their pets, their schedules and their shared assets. A compassionate, knowledgeable, unbiased mediator can help you both understand all of the issues at stake and assist you in making the best decisions for everyone involved in a non-confrontational format. Unlike using two lawyers and going to court, there is one mediator that you hire together, with whom you meet over one or more sessions in a less formal setting to discuss and come to agreement on the terms of your divorce.

C4 Legal Assistance guides couples through this mediation process as quickly and painlessly as possible. Our compassionate team can help you hammer out the terms of your divorce agreement in a manner that feels fair to all parties. Call  805-585-3828 for your free consultation today!


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