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At C4 Legal Assistance, we help you prepare and submit legal documents. Save time and money by working with us on your legal issues.


At C4 Legal Assistance in Santa Maria, our philosophy is “dealing with business and life challenges shouldn’t be any harder than it already is“.

No life is without challenges and difficult situations – and when you are going through a tough time, you need to be certain that you have the best help available. At C4, our team is here to ensure you get the support that will result in the most positive outcome for your situation.

We believe that everyone should have access to professional knowledge and experience when it comes to legal issues. At C4 we offer affordable rates and provide exceptional service, backed by years of hands-on expertise and know-how. With over 20 years of experience and a network of associates, we are well positioned to help you with almost any legal question you may face.

Nothing is more important to us than ensuring your success. Whether you are dealing with a difficult child custody dispute, the probate estate of a lost loved one, a divorce or launching a new business concept, professional legal assistance is crucial.

With C4, you can trust that our unyielding support and experience will be there for you.


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From family issues to child custody suits to civil claims, our mediation services can help you find a permanent solution. Located in Santa Maria and in SLO.


Find resolution to your divorce or civil claim with the mediators of C4. Located in Santa Maria CA, discover how our low cost approach can help you.


Mediation,  C4 Legal Assistance
Estate Planning, C4 Legal Assistance


When you need help planning your estate or trust, let C4 Legal Assistance in Santa Maria or San Luis Obispo, CA help you fill out the proper documents and file them with the courts. Call to learn more today.


Starting a business and need some legal advice? Call 805-585-3828 and see how our business professional services can help you thrive as your Santa Maria business launches, grows and changes. 

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